Our Company

Why choose us?

We are a company whose members has been on the liquid and gas chemical industry since the mid 80’s when the international bulk chemical transportation was born. We has extensive experience on fabrication and auditing under ASME Chap VIII Div 2 and IMDG regulations.

We have a vast knowledge on current regulations as we actively participate on new project design committees, and we represent manufacturers towards Government and industry regulators.

✅ We have a lean cost structure, which allow us to quote without corporate nor financial overheads.
✅ Doing business with us, you deal directly with your final service provider without the middle-man.


We have a dedicated team including senior engineers with more than 60 years combined in the area with permanent ability to travel all over the world where your project needs are 🗺️.
🗣️ We speak 5 languages: English, Portuguese, German, Greek and Spanish.
🌐 We have a network on the main equipment manufacturing Hubs that allow us to be your avant-garde solution.